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System for application of patented treatment for cleansing and regenerating silica sand, activated carbon and glass based filter media for swimming pools.
Eliminates the need for costly and lengthy dig out, disposal and replacement of filter media.

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About DesoClenz™

DesoClenz™ system is a multi-purpose pool filter media treatment.

Swimming pool filters (silica sand, activated carbon and glass based filter media) need regular maintenance to ensure optimum filtration performance. The period between each maintenance cycle depends upon the bather loading, backwash frequency and system design.

Dull looking pool water or high combined chlorine levels usually indicate that a maintenance cycle is long overdue and an overdue maintenance cycle can put bathers at risk and expose them to unnecessary pollutants.

Pollutants can range from human body fats and skin particles through to bacteria and biofilms which can break through into the pool from a contaminated filter bed. Inefficient filtration performance also exposes the pool facility to greater risk from pathogenic organisms, such as Cryptosporidium, which are able to survive for long periods in chlorinated pool water.

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An outdated and expensive maintenance option is the dig out, disposal and replacement of filter media. The disposal and replacement of filter media has a negative impact on the environment and used filter media contaminated with human body fats and bacteria may be considered as hazardous waste requiring appropriate and approved disposal methods, both costly to you and the environment.

This method of maintenance also has a lengthy down time for the pool operation whilst the dig out, disposal and replacement of media is carried out. This means that your pool may be out of business during the whole of this period.

A much more cost effective, faster and environmentally friendly method of maintenance is the DesoClenz™ system.

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The DesoClenz™ system is a muiti-purpose pool filter media treatment procedure which cleans and disinfects the entire filter system. DesoClenz™ uses DesoPur®, a patented TCDO- chlorine dioxide liquid agent for the cleansing and regeneration of silica sand, activated carbon and glass based filter media.

The DesoClenz™ system is a safe, fast and economical treatment which minimises pool downtime, H&S risks and reduces the carbon footprint of your pool operation. With DesoClenz™ there are no waste disposal or spillage issues.

Facilities with two or more pool filters can normally be treated without closure of the pool. The DesoClenz™ treatment eliminates the transportation involved with disposal and the supply of replacement media, offering a more environmentally friendly maintenance option.



DesoClenz™ system is a multi-purpose pool filter media treatment.

Pool trade engineers using the DesoClenz™ system create minimum disruption to your pool. All that is needed is a water supply and power connection point to 'hook up' the system.

The DesoClenz™ application is suitable for use with most filter media or filter types* and any residual chemical is 100% compatible with all pool water treatment systems, which means it is the ideal no risk chemical for cleansing and regenerating your filter system.

* The filter system must be in satisfactory operational and serviceable working order

The DesoClenz™ treatment system is available through a network of reputable pool industry service providers and is manufactured exclusively by Gaffey Technical Services Ltd.

So next time your pool filters are due for maintenance, make sure you specify the DesoClenz™ system and save yourself time and money and have your pool open for business quicker.

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Your DesoClenz™ engineer will use the proven DesoClenz™ application kit which includes everything needed for the job....

The DesoClenz™ system allows for the automatic metering and dilution of DesoPur® to the correct application quantity, avoiding the need for manual measuring and blending. A calibrated booster pump system and low pressure lance applicator are also included in the kit.

This means that the DesoPur® solution can be easily distributed throughout the filter vessel. Also the lance can be used by the engineer to detect and break up any compacted areas of the filter, ensuring thorough disinfection.

Additional accessories are also available to allow the DesoClenz™ system to connect to virtually any type of pool plant / pipe work scheme or material.

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Other Specialist Solutions

Other specialist TCDO treatment solutions are available from Gaffey Technical Services Ltd for a range of pool and spa related applications.


Spa pool decontamination, hygiene and maintenance kits for removal of biofilm and Pseudomonas and Legionella. Easy to use combination of solutions with measuring jars, suitable for smaller volumes of water. The easy and quick way to disinfect the entire spa pool system.


A safe and highly effective surface decontamination treatment for inflatable's, pool mats and covers, steam rooms, pool deck and changing areas. Easy to apply with the 5 ltr chemical sprayer.


A preventative dosing which is an additional chlorine dioxide oxidation treatment for all large swimming pools. Reduces chlorine by-products and provides continuous enhanced protection against Cryptosporidium and biofilm contamination. Ideal for use in-between DescoClenzTM maintenance. Easy to apply through a dedicated dosing station.

Call the Gaffey Technical Services Ltd team on: 01254 350180 to arrange for a DesoClenz™ engineer visit, site survey or quotation or to enquire about our other easy to apply treatment solutions.


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